So, what started as just a blog for fun has quickly expanded, and so has the vision for it.

The feedback I received from you suggested that Journey 196 was a difficult name to remember because of the numbers.

After a great deal of consideration, I’ve realized that one of my favourite things about travel is the stories it creates. Every time I have a friend or family come home from one of their journeys, I can’t wait to see their photo’s, and hear their stories. Furthermore, let’s be real. this blog is about you.

Where do you dream of going? Where have you gone? Do you share any of these experiences, or have a different experience to share?

These are your travel tales.

Want to travel more to create more stories? I can help.

Travel Tales can help you plan your itinerary, book your flights, cars, hotels, train rides, all-inclusive vacations, and tours and excursions.

Get a case of travel anxiety, wondering what you will encounter in your next adventure? Give me a call. Want to have someone at home to call if you run in to issues? You’ve got my email, shoot me a message. Instead of just telling you stories, I am now offering to help you create your own, in any way I can.

I hope you are half as excited as I am to create more stories together on this blog, and I am even more excited about helping you create tales to tell of your own! There are many changes coming to this blog, and site over the coming weeks, and more posts!

Don’t forget to subscribe, as I will be posting more stories, deals, and travel tips in the near future!


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