First Timers Snowshoeing Weekend

First Timers Snowshoeing Weekend

Wait. February is already halfway over!?

I feel like we have been living in fast forward for months now. This weekend was the first time in a long while that Cal and I finally got to go and hang out together – and it was still all hustle and bustle! But we finally got to try out snowshoeing! With some minor mishaps of course.

We spent Friday and Saturday searching for deals on equipment and getting geared up – each getting a pair of snowshoes – for Sunday. Saturday night, well after the stores had closed (and after doing some work, grocery shopping and Taco night with the fam) we realised we should probably get some poles!

So, Sunday morning we ran around to 4 more stores for some decent priced poles and made our way out to Elk Island National Park, just outside of Edmonton, Alberta. The weather was a brisk -26C, plus the wind chill, so we took nearly an hour pilling on layers to get out there.

Once we got out there, bundled into our final layers of coats, and toques, and gloves, we started putting our gear on.

Fully equipped, we started to walk, only to find Cal’s snowshoes kept coming off! The plastic bindings wouldn’t clasp in our freezing temperatures. So, we dressed down to reasonable layers, and headed back into town to return the snowshoes. We went to the other end of the city and managed to find him a new pair with lace-up type bindings instead of plastic ones, (which happened to be the same brand I had) and got them on sale! Woohoo!

Determined not to let this ruin our day, but now to late to head back out to Elk Island, we headed down to the City of Edmonton’s Rundle Park, just in time for the sunset.

We walked for about an hour before the sun began to dip and the temperature really plummeted, then decided to head home.

Lessons learned from our first experience snowshoeing:

  1. Don’t buy snowshoes with full plastic bindings/ clips
  2. Prepare your gear ahead of time
  3. Bring snacks
  4. Test your gear before heading out

Despite the couple of minor issues, we encountered, it was a ton of fun. It was nice just to do something outdoors together.

Do you have any other tips for us as we continue snowshoeing? Do you have any favourite places to go for winter activities, or an activity that you love? We’d love to hear from you!

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