Who are you and what is “Travel Tales”?

Travel Tales

Welcome! My name is Kaylee. I am a traveller, independent travel agent, pet mum, and adventure seeker. I can’t sit still, and frankly, wouldn’t want to even if I could! I love to explore, and encourage the people I love to explore and enjoy life as well. I created Travel Tales initially as a blog, a creative outlet to share my experiences. Me and my partner – Cal, work full-time, travel part-time, and try new recipes and activities any time we can! We try to stay connected to the travel community through our blog, social media, travel booking. I offer travel booking, itinerary designing, and personal travel support – mostly for free! Contact me for more information, I’d love to help you create your travel tales!

Who do you travel with?

I admire people who travel by themselves, but personally prefer travelling with the people I love. I find that when travelling with others you have an opportunity to deepen your bond by sharing your experience. By facing travel challenges together, supporting one another when doing activities you might not do alone, or sharing perspectives of the things you encounter, I find you develop yourself, and your relationships. Because of this I usually travel with family. When reading through Travel Tales, you will find I now usually travel with my partner Calvin (pictured above, usually called ‘Cal’), and sometimes we manage to find someone who we can encourage to join us on a new adventure.

Where have you traveled?


England, France, Germany, Iceland.

North America

British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba

United States of America

Alabama, Arizona, California, Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Louisiana, Mississippi, Montana, Nevada, Tennessee, Texas



Where are you going next?

With so many beautiful places to explore, it is hard to decide. Right now we are making plans and saving up to explore: Greece, Italy, Ireland, Mexico, Peru, Philippines, Scotland, Thailand (and back to Germany to visit family).